Woman Caught Posting Stock Photos of Baby Just To Get More Likes

Brisa Sylvestre
Brisa Sylvestre
September 20, 2021

KISSIMMEE, Florida — An anonymous source came forward to Action Packed News to report suspicious activity on the 30-year-old excuse-of-a-woman, Paige Smith’s, Instagram account. At first glance, Smith’s account @BabysFirstGram, seemed like a typical woman in her 30s.

The Insta: full of images of a cute 1-year-old baby. However, an anonymous tipster reported that every day, there would be another picture of said baby with seemingly innocuous captions like “Baby boo-boo!” The images received a myriad of likes and comments such as “what a cutie!” and “congrats!”

Understandably, most followers assumed the baby was Smith’s. But on one post, our source discovered that there was a Getty Images watermark left in the corner of an image of a baby sitting in a high chair eating linguini captioned “Baby’s first linguini noodle!” The source became suspicious that the baby wasn’t Smith’s. After a quick stock photo search on Getty Images, the woman found dozens of stock images that Ms. Smith had posted, pretending the baby in the photos was hers.

Our source hurled into a paper bag before calling the Action Packed News’ tips hotline. She said she called hoping to expose Smith and prevent other women from exploiting baby stock photos on Instagram for social media clout.

Our news team called Smith’s home for questioning. She sobbed into the phone, “I only wanted more likes on the ‘gram, is that so bad!?”

We directed Smith towards a list of qualified therapists specializing in failed social media influencers and warned Getty Images that there was a woman perusing their collection for an unsavory reason. Days after, we found that her Instagram account had been deleted. However, we did notice another account named @PuppysFirstGram is quickly gaining traction.