Fun, Funky Bandages to Cover Your Wound After Making a Blood Pact

Laurie Bolewitz
Laurie Bolewitz
October 29, 2021

So, you’ve dragged a sharp blade across your palm to form a blood pact, and now you’re wondering — what do I do with this gaping wound? Awkward! Here are some fun, funky bandages that will say, “Hey, I love the dark arts, AND I can protect myself from infection!”

Traditional/Classic Wrap Bandage

Sure, this look can be spotted at the ER or the nurse’s office, but that doesn’t mean it’s overdone! After you cut your palm and smoosh your gross blood together with your friend to swear to secrecy that you’ll return to this site in 25 years if the evil returns, wrap it all up with this classic look!


Another classic (albeit less sterile) form, this look is great for the rugged individual that says, “Hey, I summoned a demon by cutting my palm and letting the blood drip into the earth, but I’m still pretty fashionable!”

The Torn Midriff of Your T-Shirt

JUST LIKE THE MOVIES, BABY. Tear your shirt off just enough to showcase your midriff WHILE also protecting your unholy gaping-wound blood pact with the underworld. Blood-soaked AND body confident, you evildoer!

Ripped Piece of Burlap

Cottage-core is all the rage! This look is great if you’re on a farm or if you snagged some autumnal decor with your Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. Not only are you part of a band of unholy witches dedicated to Lord Baphomet, but you’re also quite thrifty!

SpongeBob Band-Aid

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? YOU (and your new blood brother who you have cut your hands open with to promise to protect one another to the death in battle, that’s who)! Be sure to give your blood brother a BFF Band-Aid with a Patrick design!

Old Sock

Last resort, but still cool! Make sure it’s clean (but old!). You can even cut finger holes for a super 80s fashion look. You’re a regular MacGyver! A MacGyver that has just summoned a demon by promising Satan your immortal soul, but a MacGyver nonetheless!

So try not to think about whether or not that blade was clean, or whether or not stitches would be a more viable option. You just made some unholy bonds by providing your gushing blood and plasma from your open palm wound with the underworld, so strut that bloody bandage fashion!