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How to submit to Humor Darling

We accept completed articles as well as headline pitches.

  • To submit a piece, please email us the link to a Medium draft. 
  • Note: We also accept TIMELY and TOPICAL pieces. Please write in the subject line TIMELY SUBMISSION or TOPICAL SUBMISSION. 
  • Please give headline pitches a 1–2 sentence explanation on your piece. Feel free to submit up to 5 headlines per e-mail. 
  • For full articles, please keep word count under 400 words.

Humor Darling’s Editing Process

Our goal with Humor Darling is inclusivity. We welcome experienced and beginner writers alike. If we see potential in your piece, here’s what may happen next:

  • A) Your piece is great as is. You’re accepted and it’s ready to run. 
  • B) We give edits and pitches and invite you to submit another draft. 
  • C) We ask you to get outside notes on the piece before re-submitting a draft.

In Regards to General Email Etiquette and Payment

We try to respond within 1 week. If you have not heard back from us by then, please feel free to send us a followup email and check-in, politely. 😉

Please only one submission at a time. Once we have responded to your email, feel free to submit more pitches.

Payment: If you are a Medium member you can earn money through the Medium paywall.

We can’t wait to read your funny stuff! Thanks again for your interest.


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