5 Passive-Aggressive Mother’s Day Cards for Emotionally Distant Families

Elyza Halpern
Elyza Halpern
May 9, 2021

1. Use this card to remind Mom that, as the saying goes, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” In fact, the tree is kind of emotionally suffocating the apple…

2. Does your Mom think that your status as a child-free adult is somehow a personal insult to her? Give her an ultimatum with this card!

3. You probably have some burning, unanswered questions from your childhood that still keep you up at night… but who needs to address that kind of stuff in “therapy” (lol) when you can put it on a $15 parchment card with a pastel floral pattern!

4. Maybe the problem isn’t your Mom, but rather the shady motherfu—I mean people she surrounds herself with. Ease Mom into an overdue examination of her toxic personal relationships with some non-threatening images of Cherry Blossoms.

5. Finally, don’t forget where it all started: good ol’ Grandma! Sure, you only see her once a year (and on the 10 min Skype calls you only have after she sends you money), but somehow there’s still some baggage there to unpack!

Keep an eye out for our upcoming line of passive-aggressive Father’s Day cards! Just kidding, your Dad doesn’t accept greeting cards, he thinks they’re for “pansies and coastal liberals.”

Comment below with something passive-aggressive sayings that YOU think should be on a Mother’s Day card!