Rejectress Submission: Chereese Foster

Chereese Foster
Chereese Foster
August 31, 2020

Weird! Woman Finds Value in Life Despite Being Single and Childless

(Womanspiration) One woman’s recount of how she was able to live a fulfilled life without saying “I do!” or popping buns out of her oven. What’s next? Rejecting impossibly beauty standards?!

Woman Distraught Victoria’s Secret Is Closing, Unsure Where She’ll Get Her Tote Bags from Now

(Living) Without the free tote bag with purchase, is there any reason to shop at Victoria Secret? It’s the reward for being a walking billboard for their Pink brand.

Squats and Lunges Proven Effective In Preventing Rape

(Womanspiration) Having thigh muscles strong enough to crack walnuts and keep your legs closed is a method not used often enough to prevent rape. Judge John Russo, thank you for being a pioneer in rape prevention.

Coworkers Offended Woman Is Black Because She Didn’t Sound Like It Over The Phone

(News) It felt like deception and misrepresentation. How dare she not SOUND Black and then not tell us before she showed up?

Woman Named Reese wants Reese’s to Change Their Slogan After She Was Eaten The Wrong Way

(Love and Sex) Woman sues the candymaker to change their slogan after sustaining bruises to her vagina after oral sex gone wrong

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