5 Answers to ‘What Are You Thinking About?’ That Aren’t Just ‘Weird Al Yankovic’s Long And Varied Career’

Laurie Bolewitz
Laurie Bolewitz
January 18, 2022
Weird Al Yankovic signed album cover

“What are you thinking about?” is a dreaded question to be asked by your new romantic partner. If you’re not ready to tell them the truth, here are five answers that gloss over the fact that you spend most of your time thinking about the King of Comedy Polka’s decade-spanning career. Here we go!

SO, what are you thinking about?

1)“Oh, nothing.”

A classic response, this placeholder will avoid revealing to your partner that you’re actually thinking about how awe-inspiring it is that “Weird Al” Yankovic opted not to use his B.A. in architecture and instead pursued his love of skillfully parodying pop music on the accordion.

2) “You, silly!”

Cheeky and romantic, this answer dodges the reality that you’re meditating on how Weird Al received a multitude of rejections from record labels who viewed him as a one-time “novelty” act, and now his 40+ year international success has surpassed some of those companies themselves.

3) “A funny joke I heard earlier.”

Be careful with this one, and make sure you have a joke prepped! Your joke should avoid mentioning the astonishing fact that Weird Al can write an original tune, pop mash-up, or parody and still remain one-of-a-kind and always funny in a way that is never spiteful yet still doesn’t leave celebrities off the hook. (Even though that is definitely what you were thinking about. How does he do it?!)

4) “Current events.”

Again, be sure to have a current event ready to recite, so you don’t let on you were ruminating about how impressive it is that Weird Al has managed to keep his finger on the pulse of pop culture from Queen to Billy Ray Cyrus to Miley Ray Cyrus to Dire Straits to Chamillionaire!? Mind-blowing. He knows WHAT the people are listening to, HOW they’re listening to it, and STILL never fails to give us the gift of his musical masterpieces!!!

5) “Not ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s long-standing, rich and varied career!”

A last resort, this response should mislead your partner from the fact that you’re thinking about how the success of Weird Al isn’t just due to his morning cartoon, cult-classic movie, platinum and gold records, #1 hits, or the fact that his fandom now spans generations. He also lets kids of all ages who might feel “weird” know that they’re not alone.

We love you Weird Al! I mean wait… nothing! Current events!!