Neighborhood Listserv Postings That Make Me Want To Move

Tom Navratil
Tom Navratil
July 2, 2021

Green dust bunny found at Glenbrook Park

Found: A wad of green fuzzy fibers was discovered on the tennis court at Glenbrook Park, enough for an old-fashioned false mustache. My partner thinks the clump may have been used to cover hair loss in the groin area, or as winter padding in a male thong (what we used to call a banana hammock), which fell out during the course of play. To claim, email me a detailed description of the item.

Curb Alert: small mound of organic material

Available now: on the edge of our lawn, close to the street, is a fist-sized deposit of organic matter that we no longer need. (We’re not even sure when or how we acquired it in the first place!) It has a deep mahogany color and a swirled shape, reminiscent of soft-serve ice cream. The material gives off a pungent aroma, so it is probably best for outdoor use or on window and door frames for intruder deterrence. Could be suitable for gardening or composting. Free to first claimant.

Toothbrush collection, round II

Still seeking no-longer-needed toothbrushes for collage project. Soft or medium bristles only. Drop off in coffee can on porch, or call to arrange pickup.

p.s. We now have enough floss. Thanks to all who donated!

Seamstress/tailor referral

Can anyone recommend a tailor or seamstress experienced in delicate fabrics such as silk or rayon? Looking for someone trustworthy and discreet for minor banana hammock repair. Seems a shame to toss out or donate just because of a split seam.

Rodent problem?

Help! I’m knitting a pair of booties for my infant granddaughter. If anyone has a mouse infestation in their home (deer mice or field mice only), could I have any pelts you’re not planning to use? I need fur in good condition for lining the booties, and also for the trim. I only ask that you scrape the flesh from the skins, within reason. I can do the final prep myself. Also, no heads, feet, or tails please!

Re: Rodent problem?

What a wonderful project! Any leftover scraps could also make terrific winter padding for a banana hammock. Just sayin’.