NBC Greenlights Gen Z ‘Friends’ Reboot Titled ‘Besties’

Elyza Halpern
Elyza Halpern
October 17, 2021

Ross and Rachel, will they or won’t they make it through the inevitable climate disaster?

NBC announced Friday that they will reboot the network’s classic sitcom “Friends” for a new generation. The project, titled “Besties,” follows six Gen Z recent college grads as they move to New York City and then immediately get laid off and have to move back in with their families due to an unprecedented global pandemic.


The show, which will mainly consist of a series of grainy Zoom conversations, will feature laugh-out-loud episodes such as: “The One Where Skylar Finally Gets a Job and Then Immediately Gets Covid From An Anti-Masker Customer,” “The One Where Hayden Realizes She May Be Forced To Market Her Sexuality On The Internet In Order To Afford Her Next Student Loan Payment,” and “The One Where Bryce Discovers That The People Who Raised Him Stormed A Government Building Because They Believe A Conspiracy Theory About A Pizza Parlor.”


While these episodes are a little bit #qUirKy, NBC has promised the show will include updated versions of some of your favorite classic “Friends” moments! For example, Phoebe’s famous tune “Smelly Cat” will now be replaced with a new melody called “Sussy Baka.” NBC execs still aren’t sure what that phrase means, but they surveyed a bunch of college kids who said they wanted it in the show, and NBC will do literally anything to get 21-year-olds to watch broadcast TV again.

The writers are even updating the gang’s signature hangout spot, Central Perk! In “Besties,” the cafe will be replaced with a crawl space in the back of an Amazon Prime delivery truck that one of the besties drives. To clarify, no one is “hanging out” in the crawl space. It is a space mainly for chugging Red Bulls and crying.


If you want this series to “slide into your DMs,” tune in Thursdays at 9 p.m. to watch this ’90s classic updated for a new generation fully aware that they are LIVING IN HELL!