Humor Darling Exclusive: Catching Up With Siegfried and Roy’s Tiger, Mantacore, 20 Years After the Famous Mauling

Gabe Downey
Gabe Downey
August 15, 2022

It’s been almost 20 years since the news broke about the carnage that took place center stage at Siegfried & Roy at the Mirage Resort and Casino, when the duo’s tiger Mantacore ripped Roy’s throat from his body like velcro from a child’s shoe. Since then, both men have died, and the Vegas maulings have mostly been left to Midwestern tourists taking full advantage of comps at the buffet.

With this important 20-year milestone quickly approaching, Humor Darlingsent our crack reporter Wanda “Double Double-U” Wombat (1988–2022) to catch up with Mantacore to learn more about the famous incident and what he’s been doing since.

Humor Darling: First of all, thanks for agreeing to talk to us.

Mantacore: Thank you for recognizing that I can talk. Those two pieces of shit treated me like I was a fucking idiot and could only understand single-word commands like “release” and “penetrate”! Assholes.

Humor Darling: It sounds like you’re still harboring a little bit of resentment toward your former… what do we call them, trainers? Owners?

Mantacore: I’ll tell you what I call them: *REDACTED*

Humor Darling: Oh my… Anyway, we know that Roy was messed up pretty bad after you bit him, but we didn’t hear much about you. What happened after?

Mantacore: What do you think happened? I was forced into retirement in my prime! But, I guess when you accidentally-on-purpose bite one-half of Peter Pan’s Las Vegas Freak Duo, you’re lucky they don’t take you out to the desert and introduce you to Joe Pesci’s baseball bat, you know?

Humor Darling: Did you have plans to work with any other Vegas entertainers before your career was derailed by your thirst for the fleshy insides of Roy’s voicebox?

Mantacore: Well, I already did a short stint with David Copperfield at the Bellagio where he pretended not to be Jewish and I pretended not to be a Tiger — you can imagine how convincing that was. Then I worked with Penn and Teller in an avant garde-type deal where the three of us all shut up for two hours and then I made divorce papers appear out of thin air for my ex-wife. That didn’t last, and she got everything. Now, I’m working the coatroom at Caesers, trying not to slip and fall and get a coat hanger in my litterbox, you know?

Humor Darling: No, I’m sorry, I don’t know.

Mantacore: Well, then why don’t you bring your neck over here and I’ll show you how we do it Sigfried style…