Interview: My Scars Tell a Story, and Unfortunately It’s the Script for Cars 4

Molly Kessler
Molly Kessler
April 19, 2021

We sat down with life coach Grace Klank-Monroe to talk about overcoming adversity and owning your truth.

What drew you to this profession?

Life coaching is transformative. I wasted years trying to hide my faults and imperfections, but all those bumps in the road make you who you are. My scars tell a story. Unfortunately, it’s the unedited script for Pixar’s upcoming film Cars 4.

Your journey was “unorthodox”?

You could say that. Most people would see me and say, “No! A fourth movie?!” and “Stop doing this to us!” and “Whyyyyyyy?” And for so long I thought they were right. But that’s why it’s important to embrace your flaws, even if it means, yes: another Cars movie.

That’s exciting.

I’ve accepted that my past is part of who I am: a 90-minute animated movie where cars are the people. And smaller cars are the pets.

What’s something you tell all your clients?

You have to love yourself first. Even if it means Lightning McQueen goes back in time and meets his great-grandfather — a big stone wheel — and then makes one thousand puns about “fossil” fuels. Because for me, it does mean that.


It’s called the Car-assic Period, and it’s only a small piece of the larger time travel narrative. But it’s who I am!

Who is your biggest inspir —

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, studio execs have reached out. Yes, we’re in pre-production. Yes, Brad Bird is directing. I know it’s hard to hear, but what was I supposed to tell them? “Lightning McQueen doesn’t learn how to drive underwater?” Because that would be a lie! And I’m done lying. I have to be true to myself, and the truth is a lot of the ocean scenes are recycled footage from Finding Nemo.

I think we-

This is me! These are my traumas! Also comedian Larry the Cable Guy is in it a lot!

A lot?

A lot.

How much is a lot?

So much.


Listen, we’ll get through this! Trust me! I’ve lived in this skin my whole life. It’s a long and painful road, but not as long and painful as the movie’s final chase scene, which is 15 full minutes.

Anything else…?

Yes. If you’re interested in a life coach consultation, you can find me on LinkedIn, or watch my story exclusively on Disney+ in September 2023 for only $29.99.