How To Speak Up in Meetings (Even Though You Can’t Stop Doing Your Borat Voice)

Laurie Bolewitz
Laurie Bolewitz
October 20, 2021

Speaking your mind in the workplace can be daunting, especially if you’re an introvert. If you feel like you’re the only one who’s not contributing, here are some tips to speak your truth, even if that truth is screaming “MAH WIIIIIIFE.”

Prepare beforehand

Before the meeting, write down salient points that you’d like to bring up. These can include relevant facts and figures, like any goals your team has successfully achieved that quarter, or how Kazakhstan is the #1 exporter of potassium.

Positive thinking

What’s the worst that can happen? Visualize the meeting going well, with everyone appreciating your contributions. You can even start the meeting on a positive note by going around to each of your co-workers for a HIIIIIGH FIIIIIIIVE! 

Body language

In the meeting, plant your feet, put your hands firmly on the table, lean forward and smile. Take a deep breath and announce, “Oh look I have a chair! King in the castle! King in the castle!!”

Speak loudly and clearly

Even if your voice shakes, it’s important to let your voice be heard. Do your best to speak up and vocalize your concerns about company downsizing, followed by a “WAWAWEWAH!!!”

If no one seems to respond, follow it up with a “Jagshemash!”

Wear something comfortable that makes you feel confident

If you look good, you feel good. Wear something like a breathable power suit, or those comfy yoga pants that still look professional. Worst case, don your finest Michael Mouse pajamas (that’s from the sequel). Or, wear a nice top with bell sleeves. If you get nervous, wave your arms wildly and say, “Hang like sleeve of wizard!” (Then raise your eyebrows suggestively).

Remember that everyone is human

Even the most confident of co-workers feel embarrassed after speaking from time to time. Remember that most people are focused on themselves, and no one is perfect! If it helps, imagine everyone in their underwear. Then, as you picture this, shout out, “I LIKE SEX, IT’S A-NICE!”

You did it! You overcame your fear of public speaking and shared your worthwhile ideas! Remember, you are powerful, you have a lot to contribute, you look great in a lime green mankini, and you have made this meeting a GREAT SUCCESS!!! *thumbs up gesture*