How To Make the Most of Your Commute by Going Someplace That Isn’t Your Job

Laurie Bolewitz
Laurie Bolewitz
March 9, 2022

Work commute got you down? Whether you’re driving, carpooling, or taking good ol’ public transport, here are some great tips to help soothe your commuting soul (by choosing to blow straight past your workplace and go to an actually fun place to hang out).

1) Practice public transportation meditation.

Breathing exercises will help you ground yourself, even while you’re covering ground…on the bus! Let your thoughts meander, and when you reach enlightenment, you’ll realize that your work has never truly appreciated you. So you should go someplace that makes you feel alive again, like the ocean or the woods, or the Victoria’s Secret annual sale.

2) Get some exercise.

Running or biking to work is a great option if you live close enough, and it’s an even better option if you get an endorphin high and fly straight past your workplace! Nothing beats the thrill of speed powered by your own heartbeat and dread, aside from the thrill of sailing right past your work and into that smoothie bar you’ve never had the chance to try. Hydration is key!

3) Listen to a podcast.

There’s no shortage of unsolved crime podcasts these days! Make your commute less drab by listening to grisly unsolved mysteries. You’ll get so absorbed in the plot that you’ll have no choice but to drive straight past work and opt to visit the crime scenes so you can finally crack the case!

4) Phone a friend.

Perhaps your BFF has a long commute too! Use this time to catch up, and then be like, “Hey, we should hang out…RIGHT NOW.” Then meet them in Vegas and do something wild, like playing a slot machine or eating at a buffet, both activities way more fun and fulfilling than your work life.

5) Learn a new skill.

There’s a lot of amazing apps that will teach you French, or how to cook stew, or even sing like an opera singer. Use these apps to master your new skills until you realize that you need to skip work, move to France, and become a freelance chef/opera singer. You could probably get a grant! It’s definitely financially feasible.

6) Get lost in an audiobook.

The Iliad, The Odyssey, or really any book about a long journey will help you gain perspective on the minuscule importance your commute has in comparison. Where’s your fleet of ships? Have you been tempted by even a single siren on your commute today? You deserve that kind of adventure! So go find it instead of clocking in today.

Happy travels!