How To Be The Best at Not Comparing Yourself to Other People

Molly Kessler
Molly Kessler
December 31, 2021

We all know that comparing ourselves to others is a recipe for unhappiness — so how do we stop doing it? And, more importantly, how do we stop doing it the best? Below are 7 simple ways to help you be the best at not comparing yourself to other people:

1. Practice gratitude.

Your life is full of wonderful blessings. Be grateful for them! Be so grateful that all of your friends will think: “Wow, Gina is the most grateful of all of us.”

2. Focus on your strengths.

Try writing down 3 things you like about yourself. Then, write one thousand more. No one has EVER written down this many things that they like about themselves. You are obviously better than them. (Go ahead, write that down too. I’ll wait.)

3. Celebrate others.

It’s hard to cheer on your friends when you’re constantly comparing yourself to them. Try taking part in their enthusiasm instead! Be so enthusiastic about Byron getting engaged that it becomes about you. “Gina is a humanitarian of joy,” they’ll say. “We are in awe of her selflessness and grace.”

4. Keep a list of your achievements.

It doesn’t matter if they’re big achievements or small ones. All that matters is that you “accidentally” leave the list face-up on the snack table at Byron’s engagement party. “Gina wrote a screenplay about life in the big city? Who knew!”

5. Learn to compete with yourself instead of others.

Where were you this time last year? 10 years ago? Use that information to write a devastating “Roast of past-Gina” and perform it unprompted for Byron’s closest friends and family at the rehearsal dinner. Really go for it.

6. Have boundaries around social media.

Delete apps like Facebook, Instagram, and iMessage from your phone. Then delete everything from your phone. Throw your phone into a cornfield. Try to stay humble when the wedding toasts inevitably mention how hard it is to get a hold of you.

7. Cut off all contact with your friends.

Still finding it hard to avoid photos of Byron and Harry’s honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta? Try cutting off communication with everyone you know. When they report you missing to the police, you can rest easy knowing they’re thinking about you a LOT more than you’re thinking about them.


Comparing yourself to others will often leave you feeling disappointed. But if you take the time to shift your focus onto self-actualization, you can become the best at that, and everyone else can suck it.