AirBnB Listing of a Definitely Not Haunted Cabin

Anna Currell
Anna Currell
January 17, 2021

4 bedroom/2 Bathroom Rustic Cabin in Scenic Upstate New York!! Very Safe!! Definitely not built on burial grounds!

About the Space

Have a weekend getaway in this cozy, wooded lodge! Located just a quick 2-hour drive to the nearest town, this space is the secluded sanctuary you’re looking for!

This charming oasis is filled with antique portraits that follow you. It’s an aesthetic choice, on purpose! Very quirky and fun.

The backyard is mostly dark woods where absolutely no one is creeping, and the floodlights will be sure to catch any movement. Or not, it’s hit or miss. They kinda do their own thing…They flicker for the occasional gust that is definitely not a restless spirit lurking…anyway, that’s what those are for!

We apologize in advance for the finicky heating system. It’s often accompanied by loud banging noises that are absolutely not the chains of apparitions in purgatory. We think the clanging comes from the radiators, but we have no idea where the sorrowful moans come from. Not to fret!

Be careful with the shower-head in the upstairs bathroom. Every now and then it leaks… a thick, reddish substance… Not to worry, it isn’t blood! Or at least not ours! But definitely stop showering if this happens. Also, if the mirror fogs up and an ominous, threatening message is scrawled in real-time, be sure to leave immediately.

The attic is off-limits. Promise not to go up there. We don’t even have an excuse for this one. The handprints of ghost babies skitter across the walls, and there’s a constant cacophony of childlike laughter, and that’s just the way it’s always been. They mostly keep to themselves up there, but like I said, it’s only a two-hour drive to the nearest town! So…anyway, “keep out!” Unless they break the door down again! Lol!

My husband and I are just a phone call away, although geographically, we’ll be in Virginia and we do not plan on ever returning, so think of this as just a nicety. Please let me know if you find anything out of order, like, I don’t know, anything broken or moving when it shouldn’t be moving. There’s probably nothing we can do about it, but we’ll add it to the list.

We hope you rent this lovely space! Enjoy your time in this wintery oasis, and if you happen to know an exorcist, we recommend bringing them along!