5 Cool Hiking Trails for You To Lie Down and Nap On

Laurie Bolewitz
Laurie Bolewitz
August 30, 2021

You finally have a day off! Time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors — too bad you’re exhausted from capitalism! Telling your friends you’re “going hiking” makes you sound super healthy and fun, but it’s also a place where you can finally “rest the eyes” without all of that city noise tearing through your dreams about the office. No matter what your skill level is, these are the best trails to get in touch with nature and pass the f out.

  1. Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles, CA
Photo by Tupaia123

A fiercely popular hiking trail for both tourists and locals alike, the Runyon Canyon trail offers awesome views and, more importantly, wide-open pathways perfect for napping. No one will mind because absolutely everyone is conking out on a trailhead! Make sure to take an iconic hiking selfie next to a rock or something right before you fall asleep, so you can keep up this brilliant hiking facade!

2. Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon, U.S.

Photo by Jarek Tuszyński

The Grand Canyon has some of the most amazing sights nature has to offer. Literally in the middle of nowhere, what better place to escape to for a six-hour snoozer. Maybe have Dan do a quick Boomerang of you while you’re there just for proof. Zzzzzzz.

3. Appalachian Trail, Eastern U.S.

Photo by Patorjk

This iconic trail is incredible all year round, but we recommend the autumn season to really get into the “snooze groove”. And by groove, we mean your favorite groove in the Earth that you can snuggle down into with your PSL and cozy fall sweater, waiting for the gorgeous leaves to cover you like a blanket. Let Mama Earth tuck you in as you nap a copious amount on this trail. It’s 2,190 miles…that’s a lotta naps!

4. Hadrian’s Wall Path, U.K.

Photo by Michael Hanselmann

Hadrian’s Wall offers a walk alongside fascinating ruins of the U.K. along with ancient Roman history — which is a fantastic backdrop for a snooze. You’ll absorb some of that history by osmosis when you close your eyes for a minute over here on this mossy bit of wall. You may also absorb some mud. But suck it up and put that neck pillow in a Ziplock, baby!

5. Inca Trail, Peru

Photo by By Mx._Granger

The world-famous Inca Trail winds along high peaks and takes about four days to complete, so you’ll definitely want to lie down and take a nap on it, probably right at the start. This trail is also known for its vastly changing temperatures, often with steam and heat in various parts, so you can think of it like sleeping in a sauna! (which is always extremely safe).

Get excited, hikers! Here’s your chance to conquer the world — but also be rested for once in your adult life!

Happy trails, and most importantly, happy napping!